Gauging the strength of an industry

The Vacation Confidence Index (VCI), which has been conducted each summer since 2009, provides an opportunity to look at how Americans’ vacation habits have changed over the past year—and, collectively, over the past decade. The VCI has become known as a barometer for the health of the travel industry.

The insights presented in the VCI are based on findings from annual polls conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Allianz Partners, and focus on answering questions like: How confident are Americans that they’ll take a vacation this year? How much do Americans plan to spend on their vacations? Is the average duration of their vacations changing? How many trips are they planning to take this year?

Dig into the Vacation Confidence Index and its insights by downloading or viewing the latest VCI documents. 
Below are some of our most recent press releases related to the Vacation Confidence Index. 
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